Two Exciting New Learning Opportunities

“Believe and you can achieve.” Really?

It’s true that many of our Growth Mindset interventions do change students’ Mindsets. However, recent challenges to Growth Mindset highlight the fact that these interventions aren’t always leading to the improvements in student learning outcomes we’re looking for. And that’s a big problem.

What many people fail to recognise is that growth isn’t achieved through Mindset alone. Growth requires action. If we focus solely on Mindset, we miss the critical fact that it is the actions students  take that achieve the growth.

So, the key question is: What actions are required to achieve growth?

Fortunately, Art Costa and Bena Kallick have described these sorts of actions – the Habits of Mind. Effectively applying the Habits of Mind in your Learning Zone, allows students to succeed at increasingly difficult tasks.

The Habits of Mind help students “raise the bar” and make hard things easier!

The understanding that growth requires a combination of Mindset, the Habits of Mind and Practice is at the core of Learning Agility. It’s also why I’m thrilled to be able to offer two new learning opportunities that will enable you to help your students achieve growth.

NEW WORKSHOP:  How to Succeed with Habits of Mind in your Classroom

In this powerful new workshop, I bring together more than 20 years of experience working with the Habits of Mind. You’ll learn how to bring the Habits of Mind to life in your classroom, help students develop increasingly powerful Habits of Mind and ensure the Habits remain an enduring part of the learning culture in your classroom and school.

In essence, this workshop shows you what it means to teach students how to behave more intelligently!

Find out more about this workshop, including how to get your free copy of my book Succeeding with Habits of Mind, by clicking on the workshop nearest you from the list below.

Brisbane – Tuesday 23rd October

Adelaide – Monday 29th October

Sydney – Tuesday 30th October

Melbourne – Monday 12th November

Growth Mindset Teacher – NOW ONLINE!

My highly acclaimed Growth Mindset Teacher workshop is now available online! Using live footage of conferences in South Africa and a wide range of resources and activities, you can now experience this dynamic workshop at your own pace, in your own time, in the comfort of your home or office. Best of all, you also receive my mentoring and support.

The course can be completed in just 30–60 minutes per week over 10 weeks. Alternatively, one solid day would see most people complete the learning activities. Registrations open for the October – January course in mid-September, giving you 12 weeks to complete your learning.

To find out more and join the waiting list, click here.

Remember, “believe and you can achieve” only tells half the story. It should be: “Believe and you will act. Act effectively and you can achieve.”

By developing powerful, growth-oriented Mindsets in our students, we open the door to future growth and learning. But it’s only when we show students the types of actions they need to engage in – the Habits of Mind – that they begin to realise that growth.

Let’s make sure we put the Growth into Growth Mindsets.



James Anderson is a speaker, author and educator who is passionate about helping fellow educators develop students as better learners. James’ work combines Growth Mindset with Habits of Mind and Practice to create Learning Agility. He puts the growth back into Growth Mindset. And through creating and describing the Mindset Continuum, he provides the cornerstone for effective Growth Mindset interventions.

James is a Certified Speaking Professional and speaks regularly at conferences around the world. He has published several books including Succeeding with Habits of Mind, The Agile Learner, The Mindset Continuum and The Learning Landscape.

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