Three reasons why Growth Mindset interventions are failing

We’ve got a lot of research now that shows that schools – well-intentioned schools – are trying to change students’ Mindsets, but they’re not having the impact on student learning outcomes that we’re after. There are three reasons for that – find out more in my video below.

I invite you to come along to my new workshop, Mindset Movers.  It’ll show you what you need to do in your school, in your classroom and in your daily practice, to nurture, nudge and nourish a more Growth-orientated Mindset in your students.

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James Anderson is a speaker, author and educator who is passionate about helping fellow educators develop students as better learners. James’ work combines Growth Mindset with Habits of Mind and Practice to create Learning Agility. He puts the growth back into Growth Mindset. And through creating and describing the Mindset Continuum, he provides the cornerstone for effective Growth Mindset interventions.

James is a Certified Speaking Professional and speaks regularly at conferences around the world. He has published several books including Succeeding with Habits of Mind, The Agile Learner, The Mindset Continuum and The Learning Landscape.

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  • Charu August 23, 2020 at 11:41 am

    I want to learn more about growth mindset and habits of mind. How to use them practically in a classroom.
    Is there any online class available?
    I am from India.

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