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Shift, Don’t Flip Mindsets

No one has a Growth Mindset any more than anyone has a Fixed Mindset, because neither of these Mindsets actually exists in real people, in the real world. When we are learning about Mindsets, it helps to juxtapose the Fixed and Growth Mindsets: to see the world from these two very different points of view. […]

What’s your mindset? Who’d want just one?

Sometimes I’m asked “James, what’s your mindset? And I’m inclined to reply “Which one? I’ve got lots of them”. But that’s only partly true. In Carol Dweck’s research she often talks about a person’s mindset and it’s easy to be mislead into believing that people have just one. But that’s not true. The research only […]

Mindsets change – but that’s not always a good thing.

Is the ability to change your mindset a good thing or a bad thing? In one of Dweck’s experiments she was able to change students’ mindset by simply changing the type of feedback she gave students. To paraphrase this experiment, 7th grade students were given an easy task, one that they tended to complete successfully. […]

A Growth Mindset tells you “I can grow”. It doesn’t tell you how to grow!

As educators, many of us are interested in developing a Growth Mindset in our students because we want to help improve their results. The problem is that a Growth Mindset doesn’t do that – on its own. Let me explain. Carol Dweck has repeatedly demonstrated that students with a Growth Mindset tend to improve more than […]