Succeed with the Habits of Mind – now!

Finally, everything you need to succeed with Habits of Mind in one place!

Do you want to take your work with the Habits of Mind to the next level? Do you want to learn from experts with more than 25 years’ experience? To be shown, step by step, how to succeed with the Habits of Mind?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve explored some key lessons on how to truly succeed with the Habits of Mind.

We discovered why the three most common school approaches to the Habits yield low improvements in student learning outcomes. We asked whether you are talking the talk or walking the walk of the Habits.

We revealed the tipping point for succeeding with the Habits of Mind – that critical point when teachers stop asking students to “use” the Habits and instead focus on “improving” them. This is when we begin to see significant impacts on student learning outcomes.

We then introduced the Habits of Mind Profile Tool. This game-changing, practical tool allows teachers to assess and report on their students’ level of development of the Habits, giving students, teachers and parents essential insights.

Finally, we explored what it means to take a whole-school approach to the Habits of Mind, and the leadership required to nourish and embed the Habits into the school’s culture and, ultimately, the school community.

Today, I’m proud to launch the Succeeding with Habits of Mind course.

This course brings together everything we’ve learnt about how to succeed with the Habits of Mind in your classroom, school and community. It takes you beyond the basics to ensure your work with Habits endures and has a significant impact on student learning outcomes.

As a teacher, you’ll learn how the Habits of Mind help you “raise the bar” for student performance. You’ll discover how to shift your focus from using the Habits to improving the way your students engage in them, teaching them how to develop, extend and build upon their Habits of Mind.

You’ll get access to more than six hours of video lessons as you work your way through the course – plus access to an archive of lessons and insights from Art Costa and Bena Kallick.

As a school leader, the Succeeding with Habits of Mind course gives you a collection of interviews with school principals and leadership teams, who share their first-hand experience of how to lead a Habits of Mind school.

With multiple ways to access the learning – including self-paced individual learning, online-coached learning with live webinars, and a mentored package for your whole school – the Succeeding with Habits of Mind course provides tailored pathways for teachers and schools at all levels of their Habits of Mind journey.

To find out more about the Succeeding with Habits of Mind course beginning October 12th and how you can access it, follow the link below.

Succeeding with Habits of Mind”,

I look forward to going on this journey with you.

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