What type of mistakes do you make?


What types of mistakes are your students making?

It’s time to move past “Celebrate Mistakes” and “It’s OK, everyone makes Mistakes” to recognise that not all mistakes are desirable and not all mistakes contribute positively to the learning process.

This beautifully designed poster helps build a language for learning in your classroom. Students explore the different types of mistakes they make, recognising which ones are to be encouraged, and which are to be avoided.

The poster is available as a “boys” version and a “girls” version.

Site licences allow you to print and use the posters on one school site. Hi resolution, print ready pdf’s of both posters (2 files) are available as a single downloadable product. Print your own posters and put one in every classroom in your school!

Find out more about The Mistakes We Make in this blog series.


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