Could you host a Growth Mindset Workshop at your school?

  • Do you have a suitable space for teacher professional learning at your school or nearby?
  • Do you know that other schools in your area are also interested in Growth Mindsets?
  • Are you able to promote a Growth Mindset Workshop to schools in your region through your professional networks?

If you answered “yes” to the questions above, then a practical and affordable way to train a team of your teachers may be to act as the host venue for a Growth Mindset Workshop.

This model is especially well suited to schools in regional areas, and can also be very successful in major metro centres.

How does it work?

Hosting a Growth Mindset workshop is easy. You provide a venue, plus the basics (projector, water, tea, coffee etc), and help promote the workshop through your professional networks.

Mindful by Design manages all the registrations, invoicing and management of the event. There’s no admin for your school beyond helping to promote the workshop in your area.

What does the school get in return?

In return for hosting a Growth Mindset Workshop, the school is able to register up to 10 teachers at half price.

Want to know more?

If hosting a Growth Mindset Workshop at your school interests you, please contact James Anderson directly to discuss possible dates and arrangements.

The workshop is usually offered as one full day, but can also be offered as an after school series.

Alternatively you might want to consider Tailored School Based Consultancy.