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Professor Art Costa and Dr Bena Kallick describe the dispositions that are skilfully and mindfully employed but characteristically successful people, when confronted by problems, the solutions to which are not immediately apparent.

James Anderson shows you how to effectively and powerfully translate this work in your school and classroom.

Drawing on his own classroom experiences, as well as 15 years of learning with and from  schools around the world, James is an expert at helping you translate the Habits of Mind into classroom practice, and transforming schools by infusing the Habits of Mind into school culture.

504801 (MS) Mind Set Illustration_GrowthMindset

Renowned Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck has identified a critical component to succeeding in all aspects of life. From school to business, relationships to sports, the Growth Mindset is a common factor in the outlook of practically all high achievers.

James was fully certified as a Growth Mindset trainer by Mindset Works for over two years. He was the first, independent consultant in Australia to receive this certification. (see more).

James shows you how subtle but important changes to pedagogy, assessment and your classroom language can have far-reaching effects on student outcomes. James shows you how to think like a Growth Mindset teacher and gives you the tools to develop growth mindsets in your students.

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