The Growth Mindset Teacher – ONLINE!

Have you ever wanted to attend one of my Growth Mindset Teacher workshops? Well, now you can!

My Growth Mindset Teacher workshop is now available online for individuals and whole-school groups. Be quick – the first intake starts in August.

The Growth Mindset Teacher – online

The Growth Mindset Teacher online course gives you the deep understandings and practical tools you need to become a Growth Mindset teacher. Go beyond the social media hype, explore the Mindset Continuum and develop a rich set of pedagogical strategies that will develop robust and enduring Growth Mindsets in your students.

Uncover the critical negative impact of the False Mindset and learn how to avoid it.

Learn why “Praise Effort” has been misunderstood, why we need to focus on Effective Effort and, most importantly, how to get your students to engage in Effective Effort.

Discover how a Growth Mindset is foundational to student success but why it is Learning Agility that will allow students to thrive in the 21st century.

This online course contains 50+ short (3–15 minute) video lessons recorded from my live workshop. Each lesson encapsulates a key idea and is supported by additional resources, readings and activities.

Don’t miss a thing! This course captures everything you would learn from a full-day workshop plus more!

To see some sample videos, find out more and register for the August course, click here.

Leading the Growth Mindset Teacher – online

Do you want to lead your Growth Mindset work in-house? Are you looking for a more affordable and flexible professional learning option for your school?

My Leading the Growth Mindset Teacher Package provides you with everything you need to lead your staff to become Growth Mindset teachers.  This online resource and support package includes a full video recording of my one-day Growth Mindset workshop, edited into easily digestible lessons. Deliver your own in-house professional learning at staff meetings and PLC meetings throughout the year.

My DIY option includes:

  • 50+ short (3–15 minute) video lessons drawn from my full-day workshop. Each lesson encapsulates a key idea.
  • Resources, activities and readings associated with each lesson to provide teachers with further learning opportunities.
  • My ongoing mentoring, guidance and support for your leadership team.
  • Membership of a growing community of like-minded schools from around the world.
  • Access to resources never expires! You can in-service new teachers and revisit key ideas whenever you need to.

To sample some of the resources and find out more about how you can lead your Growth Mindset training in-house, please go to Leading the Growth Mindset Teacher Package or contact James Anderson directly.



James Anderson is a speaker, author and educator who is passionate about helping fellow educators develop students as better learners. James’ work combines Growth Mindset with Habits of Mind and Practice to create Learning Agility. He puts the growth back into Growth Mindset. And through creating and describing the Mindset Continuum, he provides the cornerstone for effective Growth Mindset interventions.

James is a Certified Speaking Professional and speaks regularly at conferences around the world. He has published several books including Succeeding with Habits of Mind, The Agile Learner, The Mindset Continuum and The Learning Landscape.

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