Certified. Whole School Training or Teacher Workshops

James Anderson delivers the insights and practical tools and strategies to develop your Growth Mindset Classroom.

  • Certified Presenter

    Certified Presenter

    James Anderson is the first consultant to be certified as a Growth Mindset Trainer by Carol Dweck's Mindset Works.

  • Whole School Training

    Whole School Training

    Contact James today to discuss how to bring Growth Mindset Training to your whole staff! Highly economical.

  • Teacher Workshops

    Teacher Workshops

    Workshops conducted throughout Australia and New Zealand.

  • Student Workshops

    Student Workshops

    Improve motivation and persistence with a student workshop. Contact James for more info.

  • Parent Information Nights

    Parent Information Nights

    Engage your parent community with Growth Mindsets. Ensure the message is reinforced at home!

Teachers Rave About Developing a Growth Mindset Classroom

  • A very interesting and useful workshops. James is a great presenter. He is engaging and welcoming. A lot to take back to my colleagues.

  • Great presentation with a clever balance of discussion, reading, data presentation.

  • I really enjoyed the background information on the Growth Mindsets. James is extremely knowledgeable about the topic. I had done my own research but I learnt so much more today.

  • Very informative & really helpful in understanding what Growth Mindset is and how/what we can do in our own school.

  • Fantastic! I haven’t been to a training that has engaged me as much as this one for a while. I feel excited to get back to the classroom and put all things I have learnt into practice.

  • James enabled us to explore ways & improve/question teaching methods to enhance learning for the students. He had a broad knowledge of Growth Mindsets

  • Very interesting content and excellent materials to take away.

  • James knows his stuff and presents in an engaging manner. I was aware of some of the content before, but was motivated and informed by James’ presentation.

  • Well presented. Challenged my ideas & how I can improve my student’s learning.

  • Excellent workshop. Very engaging presenter. Really got me thinking.