Great Resources for your Growth Mindset Classroom

Start applying Growth Mindset Principles in your classroom today!

  • Your Growth Mindset Journey

    Your Growth Mindset Journey

  • Misunderstandings about Mindsets

    Misunderstandings about Mindsets

    Summarises and seeks to correct 7 of the biggest misunderstandings.

  • Growth Mindset Teacher

    Growth Mindset Teacher

    Highlights some of the important areas this work impacts our teaching practice.

  • The Thoughtful Teacher

    The Thoughtful Teacher

    Summary by James Anderson of learnable intelligence. Great for teachers and parents!

  • Mindset Continuum

    Mindset Continuum

    This continuum helps us understand what it means to be somewhere between the two extremes of Fixed and Growth.

  • Growth Mindset Quotes

    Growth Mindset Quotes

    Use these in your classroom, presentations or share with your friends on social media.

  • Mindset is more than Fixed V's Growth

    Mindset is more than Fixed V's Growth

    Understanding the Mindset Continuum is a critical to our practical work in schools.

  • Mindset Summary Poster

    Mindset Summary Poster

    A beautifully simple one page comparison of the Fixed and Growth Mindsets.

  • Praise the Effort

    Praise the Effort

    In this insightful article James Anderson explores the Effective Effort Matrix

  • Understanding Fixed and Growth Mindset Responses

    Understanding Fixed and Growth Mindset Responses

    Understand the thinking and reasoning behind the Fixed and Growth Mindset responses.

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