The Learning Landscape

Bring learning to life in your classroom and teach your students to become better learners.

The Learning Landscape gives learners a powerful way of helping students understand the different types of challenges they are facing, equipping students with powerful learning tools that will help them now and into the future.

Join me for an engaging online learning experience beginning Wednesday 27th May and extending over 5 sessions as we explore the Learning Landscape together!

Prepare your students to traverse Challenge Pits, drawing on the Habits of Mind you’ve put in your backpack. Embark on learning journeys and climb the highest peaks of the mountains of expertise!

Held over 5 weeks, this rich online learning experience will show you how to use the metaphor of the Learning Landscape not only to bring learning to life, but also to teach your students how to become better learners.

Topics Include:

  • Challenges – 4 Different Challenge Pits
  • Filling Your Backpack – Habits of Mind
  • The Climb – Mistakes and Practice
  • Effort – Focusing on Efficacy
  • Mindset – How You See Yourself as a Learner

Attend when it suits you, or catch up on demand.

Each workshop session will run for approximately 1 hour, and will be repeated 3 times throughout the day to suit your schedule and different time zones. 

Access all sessions for the next 12 months.

Each week we’ll not only look at how we use the Learning Landscape to enrich learning, but also explore how we use it to help students improve as learners and develop greater learner agency

Engage students in the processes and behaviours that achieve growth and help to move students towards being Agile Learners!

Program outline and dates:

Challenges – 4 Different Challenge Pits

Wednesday 27th May* 

Early SessionMid Session | Late Session

Not all challenges are the same. 

In this workshop session we’ll explore the 4 different types of challenge pits, what they mean and how to apply them in our classroom. You’ll learn how to help students recognize Comfort Zones, Performance Zone, Learning Zone and Aspirational Zones in the context of learning and differentiation.


Filling Your Backpack – Habits of Mind

Wednesday 3rd June*

Early SessionMid Session | Late Session

In order to climb out of a Challenge Pit you’ll need the right tools for the job. 

These tools are the Habits of Mind that we store in our backpacks. Rather than being 16 discrete tools, these tools must be continually developed in order to become a better climber. This workshop session will show you how to look inside each student’s backpack, discover what’s inside and what’s missing, and what you need to do to fill their backpack with powerful Habits of Mind.


The Climb – Mistakes and Practice

Wednesday 10th June*

Early SessionMid Session | Late Session

Learning is an active process. 

Taking on challenges and filling your backpack is only part of the job. You must also engage in the climb out of the Challenge Pits. Understanding the best way to climb, what route to take, and which mistakes are useful and which aren’t is a key to becoming a better learner.


Effort – Focusing on Efficacy

Wednesday 17th June*

Early SessionMid Session | Late Session

It’s not how much time you spend that’s important. It’s how you spend your time! 

Too often we confuse effort with efficacy in our classrooms. This session will help you understand different types of effort and how to change how we discuss effort in the classroom.


Mindset – How You See Yourself as a Learner

Wednesday 24th June*

Early Session Mid Session | Late Session

The experiences you have as you explore the Learning Landscape significantly influence your Mindset. 

When we immerse students exploring the Learning Landscape and understanding themselves as learners, we help to create a more growth-oriented mindset. In this session, you’ll explore how to use the Learning Landscape to create positive mindset movers in your classroom.


* All workshop dates are based on Australian time (AEST). US participants should note that sessions correspond to the previous evening. 


Zoom in to learn and collaborate online! 

We’ll be using Zoom for our live learning experiences. You’ll be sent a link prior to the event.

Each workshop session will provide opportunities to engage in group discussions, participate in learning activities, ask questions and explore ways of applying the metaphor of the Learning Landscape in your school and classroom.

* Dates are based on Australian time. US participants should note that sessions c0rresp0nd to the previous evening. 


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  • Growth Mindset Online (See session dates above)
    May 27, 2020 - June 24, 2020
    12:00 am



Before your scheduled workshop time you’ll be sent a link to a zoom meeting room.