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The Growth Mindset Masterclass

Everything you need for a Growth Mindset Classroom

This powerful and practical masterclass will give you the insights, understandings and most importantly the tools you need to move students along the Mindset Continuum.

Underpinning this masterclass is the key idea that teachers need to be teaching FOR a Growth Mindset, not ABOUT a Growth Mindset. This masterclass focuses on teacher actions, and how we focus and direct these every day actions to ensure students develop a Growth Mindset and ultimately achieve more.

With over 15 years of supporting teachers and schools to develop Growth Mindset, James Anderson  committed to your success and the success of your students, so this is not a “hit and run” professional learning event.  Every teacher attending this masterclass will receive bonus learning resources and support, with 12 months personal access to the Growth Mindset Masterclass online course included with the course registration (valued at $250), plus invitations to attend virtual Growth Mindset events throughout the year. 

Here’s how this masterclass is going to ensure you are developing a Growth Mindset in your students:

Your Growth Mindset Style Guide

Every day we surround students with Mindset Movers. These subtle and often unintended messages are conveyed in almost everything we do in a classroom. Mindset Movers shape students’ mindsets, by pushing them towards either the fixed or growth end of the Mindset Continuum.

This workshop will show you how to “nudge” your pedagogy, praise and feedback so you create more Growth Mindset Movers in your classroom, and push students consistently towards the growth end of the Mindset Continuum – all without adding anything to your workload! 

Registration for this masterclass includes a copy of my exclusive Growth Mindset Style Guide. This book is the result of the past 10 years of work with teachers and contains more than 30 transferable pedagogical “nudges” that help you easily create Growth Mindset Movers every day, and in every lesson. This book is only available as part of the Growth Mindset Master Class and will form an invaluable part of your Growth Mindset repertoire

Assessment and Growth Mindsets

Assessment is one of the most powerful mindset movers. Discover how to change the meaning students attach to assessment with these simple and powerful strategies. Learn how to ensure students focus on where they are up to in a long learning journey, instead of feeling they are being judged and ranked. Learn the simple tricks to making your rubrics growth-oriented, and skilfully weave the Habits of Mind and a value of process of learning and growth into your assessment practices.

Mistakes and Feedback

Move beyond the well intended, but ultimately flawed, “celebrate mistakes” memes. Unpack why some mistakes are valuable to the learning process, and others are not. Help students identify their comfort, performance, learning and aspirational zones and how to identify the types of mistakes we make (and shouldn’t make!) in each.  Discover six different types of mistakes and equip students to respond appropriately to these mistakes.

Take home the “What type of Mistakes Do you Make” poster to print and use in your classroom. 

Mindset Avatars

Not all students express their mindset in the same way. Some search for their identity, asking “who am I, and what am I good at?”. Others are constantly comparing themselves to others, trying to work out how good they are. Others see effort as a sign of weakness and seek to either avoid or hide their effort. While others, having failed so many times, have simply given up. Each of these students could be described as having a Fixed Mindset, but their key issues, and therefor the best approach to helping them develop a more growth-oriented mindset, are different. 

Learn how to identify your students as “Searchers”, “Comparers”, “Cruisers” or “Resigners” and fine tune your Growth Mindset interventions to best address their particular mindset triggers.

Effective Effort

As Carol Dweck has pointed out many times, the idea of “praise effort”, although well intended, has often been misinterpreted in classrooms – to the point where effort is often seen as the consultation prize and struggle seen as necessary to make up for a lack of ability.  In this workshop you’ll discover how to make struggle the norm in your classroom, something that is expected and respected as part of learning. You’ll distinguish between four different types of effort, learn how to focus on efficacy, and how to go beyond “good effort” to better craft your praise to create Growth Mindset Movers.

Ongoing Professional Learning – 12 months online access

Every teacher who attends the Growth Mindset Masterclass – LIVE, will also receive access to the online Growth Mindset Masterclass for 12 months. The online course will give you access to dozens more strategies, and will serve as a ongoing resource for your professional learning.  The online course is valued at $250


This workshop will also introduce you to the important role a Growth Mindset plays in developing Leanership – the skill of being an effective learner. You’ll explore how a learner’s response to challenges, Habits of Mind, mistakes, feedback and effort defines them as a learner, and how developing a Growth Mindset is the foundation to them becoming more effective learners. 


I’ve already attended one of your workshops? Will this be different?

Yes – this is a NEW workshop, with new strategies, and new resources. Teachers who have attended a previous Growth Mindset workshop will find this workshop significantly enhances and extends their work. 

Join me to make a positive, lasting impact on student learning.

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  • The Growth Mindset Toolkit -Melbourne West - After School
    April 30, 2021
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm