Learner Agency and a Growth Mindset – Auckland

Learner Agency and a Growth Mindset

In partnership with Learning Network New Zealand

Developing Learner Agency, especially in our underachieving students, is about teaching students how to engage more effectively in the Learning Process.

In this, practical and powerful workshop James Anderson defines learner agency in terms of your student’s attitudes and capacities in five key learning characteristics.  He uses these to define 6 different types of learners.

Recognising your students as different types of learners is just the first step. The most important element of this work is to ask what actions do students, teachers and parents take to help students increase students Learner Agency, develop as learners and ultimately become Agile Learners.


How do we improve students relationship with their Learning Zone?

What feedback and instruction do we give to help students develop their Habits of Mind?


Why do students ignore mistakes and feedback and how do we get them to pay attention?


How do we shift the conversation from asking students to put more effort in, to showing them how to put better effort into learning and become better learners?


This workshop will answer all these questions and more.  It will give you the approaches you need to ensure you’re teaching students how to become better learners. 

Developing a Growth Mindset and becoming a better learner go hand in hand.

In many ways, a Growth Mindset defines the relationship a learner has with the key learning characteristics.

In this workshop, James will show you how to use the Mindset Continuum to reset your understanding and expectations about mindsets.

You’ll discover how to go about creating a Growth Mindset style guide for your school to ensure you’re creating an environment rich in positive mindset movers.

Throughout the workshop, James will show you how to use the analogy of The Learning Landscape to help students understand their learning journey, and the actions they need to take in order to take control of their learning and become a better learner!

You’ll be introduced to the 4 Challenge Pits, and shown how to fill students backpacks so they are able to succeed at Learning Challenges!

Packed full of practical ideas to apply in your classroom today! 



Join me to make a positive, lasting impact on student learning.

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  • Building Learner Agency - Auckland
    March 26, 2020
    9:30 am - 3:30 pm


214 Universal Drive, Henderson, Auckland, 0610, New Zealand

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