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Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset is a critical ingredient to improving student motivation and engagement, increasing persistence, and boosting achievement. In this one-day workshop, James Anderson transforms your understanding of Mindsets into practical classroom strategies. He shows you how to think like a Growth Mindset Teacher to develop a robust and enduring Growth Mindset in your students.

imgresJames is the first, and currently only, independent consultant in the world to be certified by Mindset Works (co-founded by Carol Dweck) as a Growth Mindset Trainer.  His workshops consistently receive the highest praise from teachers and school leaders.

Session 1: The Greatness Gap – The Excuses we Make that Create a Fixed Mindset

In this first session you explore the excuses people use that create a Fixed Mindset. Drawing on modern research in Learnable Intelligence, Acquisition of Excellence and Habits of Mind we build a complete understanding of how people really become highly successful Why? Because it’s a misunderstanding of these ideas that create the Fixed Mindset, and it’s in the light of a deep understanding of these ideas that teachers can create a robust and enduring Growth Mindset in students.

Session 2: Thinking Like a Growth Mindset Teacher

The hallmark of a Growth Mindset Teacher is an increasing focus on student Growth, and the Process of Learning. In this session James challenges you to think differently about content and standards. He shows you how shifting your focus leads you to adopt some simple, but powerful changes to your pedagogy that will improve student learning and encourage a Growth Mindset.  You’re also challenged to identify common fixed mindset messages that pervade the media, the home environment and some school structures so you’ll be able to counter these in your classroom.

Session 3: Pedagogy of the Growth Mindset Teacher

Mindset is not a topic. It’s not something you teach and then move on. Developing an enduring and robust Growth Mindset in your students requires a consistent approach that is reflected in the language and structures we use in the classroom. In this session we exercise our new Growth Mindset understandings to build a repertoire of  strategies that can be applied during almost every student interaction from classroom discussions to providing feedback and assessment.


A full set of the slides James uses will be made available as a pdf after the presentation. Extensive readings and exclusive Growth Mindset Tools are also provided.




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