The true value of a Picasso

There is a fable about Spanish artist Pablo Picasso that goes along these lines. Picasso was sitting on a park bench when a young woman came up to him and asked, “Could you draw me a picture, please?” Picasso got out his sketchpad and pencil and quickly sketched a portrait of the young woman. She […]

How to raise the bar on student performance

At one point or another, everyone experiences growth like this: We start learning something new. The early stages of learning are easy. We quickly master the basics and we experience relatively rapid growth and progress. But after a while, learning becomes difficult. Progress slows. Eventually, it stops and we reach our “limit”. This is what […]

Two Exciting New Learning Opportunities

“Believe and you can achieve.” Really? It’s true that many of our Growth Mindset interventions do change students’ Mindsets. However, recent challenges to Growth Mindset highlight the fact that these interventions aren’t always leading to the improvements in student learning outcomes we’re looking for. And that’s a big problem. What many people fail to recognise […]

The Growth Mindset Teacher – ONLINE!

Have you ever wanted to attend one of my Growth Mindset Teacher workshops? Well, now you can! My Growth Mindset Teacher workshop is now available online for individuals and whole-school groups. Be quick – the first intake starts in August. The Growth Mindset Teacher – online The Growth Mindset Teacher online course gives you the […]

Two Powerful Approaches to Growth Mindset Learning

Is Growth Mindset and Learning Agility a school-wide focus in 2019? Are you looking for high-quality, high-impact professional learning for your school? As Australia’s leading Growth Mindset expert, I provide two pathways to embed Growth Mindset pedagogy and culture in schools. Growth Mindset School-Based Professional Learning Package My Growth Mindset School-Based Professional Learning Package includes […]

It’s about choice

Why should schools make Growth Mindset a priority? It’s an important question, and you won’t find the answer on social media. We could talk about how students with a Growth Mindset tend to achieve higher grades. How they tend to persist longer at tasks. How they put in more effort, respond better to mistakes and […]

McEnroe vs Federer: A battle of Mindset

In her book, Mindsets: The New Psychology of Success, Professor Carol Dweck uses John McEnroe as an example of a person with a Fixed Mindset. I think he’s a great example for many reasons. You can’t argue with the fact McEnroe was an extraordinary tennis player. He is ranked 6th in the list of most […]

Setting the record straight on Growth Mindset: Part 2

Last week, I spoke about the first of two crucial points that must be understood about the Growth Mindset that allow us to respond thoughtfully to current criticisms. That is, the Growth Mindset is not growth – it is simply the understanding that growth is possible. The second point we need to understand to set […]

Setting the record straight on Growth Mindset

Several recent studies have unfairly thrown doubt on the importance of the Growth Mindset. To respond accurately to this criticism, two crucial points must be understood: The Growth Mindset is not growth. The Growth Mindset existed before Carol Dweck. Over the next two weeks, I’ll unpack these points and explain why it’s important to stay […]

Why is a Growth Mindset so important to motivation?

I love this quote by George Bernard Shaw. It so neatly captures one of the key differences between someone with a Growth Mindset and someone with a Fixed Mindset. Someone with a Fixed Mindset believes their most basic characteristics, such as their talents, abilities and intelligence, are unchangeable. They spend their life looking inwards, trying […]