How to Create a Growth Mindset Culture in your organisation

Have You Ever Been The Victim Of A Personality Test? You know the type of test I’m talking about. Someone at your workplace gives you a survey asking you a bunch of questions. Then you get a nice, coloured chart that describes your strengths and tells you what type of role you’re suited to. These […]

Succeeding With Habits of Mind Online Course Is Now Open

The Succeeding with Habits of Mind online course is now open! Teachers and schools from around the world are taking advantage of this unique resource to improve learning outcomes for their students. The course is the culmination of 20 years of learning about Habits of Mind. I’ve brought my personal insights and experiences together with […]

Your Whole School Approach To Habits of Mind

Plus a bonus interview with Art Costa and Bena Kallick It’s been more than 25 years since Art Costa and Bena Kallick introduced the world to the Habits of Mind. In that time, the Habits have become a classic in education, transforming teaching, learning and school cultures around the world. Unfortunately, not all schools that […]

Game Changer: The Habits of Mind Profile Tool

Measure and Map the development of your Habits of Mind! Last week, we discussed the critical shift from using to improving your Habits of Mind. This is the tipping point that puts schools onto a path of continuous development, and it is the change in mindset that ultimately results in significant improvements in student learning outcomes.   This week, […]

The Tipping Point for Succeeding with Habits of Mind

Stop using the Habits of Mind and start improving them! Over the years, we’ve seen countless schools adopt the Habits of Mind. For many, their Habits of Mind journey has been disappointingly short lived, with little enduring impact on student learning outcomes. But for a few schools, the results have been profound. Those that have succeeded with the Habits […]

Habits of Mind : A Shared Language for Learning

Habits of Mind : A Shared Language for Learning There’s nothing quite like walking into a school where the Habits of Mind have been adopted as a language for learning. You see the Habits of Mind displayed on the walls. You read about them in school documents. And you hear parents, teachers and students all […]

Teaching the Habits of Mind is important, but it’s not enough. Here’s why.

I remember when I first came across the Habits of Mind back in the late ’90s. I was so excited about them. I couldn’t wait to start teaching them to my students. And as a school leader, I was quick to introduce them to my whole school. I soon found myself in a nation-wide position […]

It’s All About the Journey, Not the Achievement

I’ve got some news! This week I received recognition as a Certified Virtual Presenter. Not only am I super proud to be recognised in this way, it also gives me a wonderful opportunity to share this story through the metaphor of The Learning Landscape. Describing my certification as a virtual presenter in the context of […]

Preparing for an Uncertain Future

There has perhaps been no better time to be talking about the nature of challenges. As we begin to think about a “new normal” post COVID19, provides us with a valuable opportunity to understand not only how we overcome current challenges, but also how we prepare to face future adversities. Over the past few weeks, […]

Habits of Mind – Tools for Getting out of a Challenge Pit

Finding yourself in a Challenge Pit is one thing. Succeeding at that challenge by successfully climbing out is something entirely different! Consider the challenges our students are facing at the moment. They might be the usual curriculum challenges. They could be adjusting to online learning environments, or perhaps adapting to life in lockdown. Some students […]