Are you in your Learning Zone?

Which Learning Zone are you in today?

Part of becoming a better learner is to recognise the zone you’re working in. Are you still in your Comfort Zone, doing things that come easily? Are you in your Performance Zone, doing your best, but not stretching yourself? Are you in your Aspirational Zone, trying something that’s currently too difficult for you and is best left for later? Or are you in your Learning Zone, filling your backpack, challenging yourself and becoming a better learner?

This beautiful full-colour A3 poster not only looks great in your classroom, it also helps students understand how they are developing as learners!

The Mindset Continuum

This beautiful A3 full-color poster of The Mindset Continuum makes a great display for your staffroom or office. A reminder that a Growth Mindset is not a declaration, it’s a journey. And that our success with Growth Mindsets will not be measured by the number of students with a Growth Mindset, but by how much more growth-oriented they have become.

What type of mistakes do you make?

What types of mistakes are your students making?

It’s time to move past “Celebrate Mistakes” and “It’s OK, everyone makes Mistakes” to recognise that not all mistakes are desirable and not all mistakes contribute positively to the learning process.

This beautifully designed poster helps build a language for learning in your classroom. Students explore the different types of mistakes they make, recognising which ones are to be encouraged, and which are to be avoided.

The poster is available as a “boys” version and a “girls” version.

Site licences allow you to print and use the posters on one school site. Hi resolution, print ready pdf’s of both posters (2 files) are available as a single downloadable product. Print your own posters and put one in every classroom in your school!

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Which Challenge Pit are you in today?

Bring your classroom to life and help your students understand the 4 different types of challenges in the Learning Landscape with this beautiful full-colour A3 poster.   As you explore the Learning Landscape, you’ll discover that not all challenges are the same. Performance Challenges only ask you to do something as difficult as you’ve done […]