Six Great Resources for your Growth Mindset Classroom

Start applying Growth Mindset Principles in your classroom today!

  • Unit Framing Tool

    Unit Framing Tool

    Practical examples of how to frame a new unit of work to help develop a Growth Mindset.

  • Effort Rubric for Students

    Effort Rubric for Students

    Great tool for your classroom. Use this rubric to help assess the learning process.

  • You can Grow Your Intelligence

    You can Grow Your Intelligence

    Kid friendly article explaining the science of learnable intelligence

  • The Thoughtful Teacher

    The Thoughtful Teacher

    Summary by James Anderson of learnable intelligence. Great for teachers and parents!

  • Feedback Tool

    Feedback Tool

    Practical examples of how to give Growth Mindset Feedback to students.

  • Mindset Summary Poster

    Mindset Summary Poster

    A beautifully simple one page comparison of the Fixed and Growth Mindsets.